#fb {float: left; padding-right: 30px;} #tweet {float: left; padding-top: 2px;} SHARE THIS VIDEO!    Host a Screening in Your Community! Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement? Organize your own slice of the 99%!
  • Invite friends and family to your home for a pizza party viewing
  • Screen the video at your community group meetings
  • Host a screening at a local Occupy Wall Street demo!
Action Alert! Tax the 1% -- and Big Polluters! Send the following message to President Obama and the Congressional budget "Super Committee"! Simply fill out the form below. Dear President Obama and Congressional Super Committee Members: We’ve had it! There’s no need to cut essentials such as schools, Medicare, bus service, parks, and emergency services in our neighborhood. The money is there, we just need a fairer tax system. 1% of the US population controls over one third of our nation’s wealth. Let’s:
  • Raise taxes on the 1%, and get rid of loopholes.
  • Tax greenhouse gas emissions from the largest polluters, to clean up our air and invest in green jobs.
  • End subsidies for oil and coal industries. This is like a tax on the 99% to support rich polluters! It makes no sense, end them now.
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