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In 2014-2015, Bay Localize is excited to continue to build and strengthen the Map Your Future Project to prepare young adult job seekers (age 18-25) to find their first jobs in building local climate resilience. We look forward to opportunities to work with various youth groups across the Bay Area. In fact, we're excited to work with People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER) in San Francisco and Youth United for Community Action (YUCA) in East Palo Alto. View slideshow of April's Map Your Future workshop HERE >>


The Map Your Future Project  trains youth to document efforts to prevent and prepare for the local impacts of climate change that also create job opportunities, and map them on online. The project captures the stories of what kind of investment and policy change it would take to ramp these efforts up to create even more jobs. Youth leverage this research process to explore job opportunities and build professional networks to build careers serving their community.

Bay Localize is partnering with youth organizations around the Bay Area to host trainings to prepare their members to become resilience mappers. Trainings also feature a special emphasis on low-income communities of color and low-income youth with barriers to employment (e.g. no high school diploma, history of incarceration, at-risk), who suffer the highest rates of unemployment. 

Youth mappers will be trained in:

  • Impacts of climate change locally and what we can do about it
  • Identifying community efforts that are building climate resilience
  • Interview and research skills
  • Following up on job opportunities they are interested in

Based on the research findings from our mappers, we will develop action recommendations to ramp up local resilience jobs and livelihoods in the Bay Area. Bay Localize will document training curriculum, web tools, and program methodology for replication worldwide.


See our 2014 annual report >>



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