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11/06/2013 - 7:30pm
Arbor Cafe
4210 Telegraph Ave
94609 Oakland , CA
United States
California US

WHEN: Wednesday, November 6th 7:30p - 9:30p
WHERE: Arbor Cafe 4210 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94609

Bay Localize, and co-host Local Clean Energy Alliance are back with Movies that Mobilize II! We will be showing The Sky is Pink by Gasland's writer/director Josh Fox at the Arbor Cafe. Our purpose for these film series is to inspire, inform, share and catalyze discussion on strategies for the climate justice movement. Through community building we can support ourselves, each other, and mobilize toward resilient action to meet our needs equitably. Whether you just want to see a good film, enjoy good company, or cultivate collaboration for social change, JOIN US!

Our special guests Rose Braz and Dan Kalb will share valuable information about the impacts of fracking, what's being done to stop it in California, and what's happening in Oakland. We will also highlight the benefits of community choice energy. 

Food and drink will be provided and also available for purchase. Special thanks to Linden Street Brewery,  Frey Organic Wine, House Kombucha, and Costco Wholesale. We greatly appreciate their generosity and support of this event! 

This is a FREE event, and seating capacity is limited to 70 people.

The Arbor Cafe 
(MAPis a prime location easily accessible by BART (walking distance from MacArthurdBART), bus (1R), bike (plenty of bike parking inside and outside). Street parking is available though limited, and we encourage carpooling.

About The Sky is Pink:
In The Sky is Pink, Josh Fox takes the possibility of New York state passing legislation to allow fracking as the starting point to revisit some related issues and go into depth on some others. A powerful point he makes comes back to the safety of the fracking processs. While pressured water gets injected into the ground to release the gas, that water contains a variety of chemicals as well. For an outside example, a 2011 report from the Democratic Committee on Energy & Commerce listed chemicals such as benzene and methanol, as well as citric acid, instant coffee, and salt. While the coffee and salt might not seem so bad, the benzene has been linked to cancer. Further, the report inidcated that some chemicals remain unknown or unreleased due to "proprietary reasons."

The fracking process happens through cement-encased wells, which in theory should hold these chemicals apart from the surrounding environment. In The Sky is Pink, Fox cites sevral documents from the industry itself that show how the cement around the wells sometimes fails to contain the chemicals. As a result, these chemicals end up in the water supply, contaminating it and posing dangers to those receiving it in their homes and drinking it. (Source: PBS)


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