Steering Committee and Staff

Colin Miller, Co-Director | E-mail
Colin is the Co-Director for Bay Localize co-leading organizational management and development, and managing programs of the Local Clean Energy Alliance. In 2013, he coordinated the Alliance’s fourth annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference. Colin graduated from Stanford University in 2007 with a BA in Urban Studies and a self-designed concentration in Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty and the Environment. After graduating, Colin taught for several years multiple-subject English Language Development at Coliseum College Prep Academy in East Oakland. After teaching, Colin worked with the Greenlining Institute, Urban Habitat, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the Oakland Climate Action Coalition to advance racial, environmental, economic, and climate justice. In addition to being an activist and organizer, Colin is also a musician, capoeirista, and educator. He has lived in Brazil for four years, and speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.
Corrine L. Van Hook, Co-Director | E-mail
Corrine is the Co-Director for Bay Localize co-leading organizational management and development. She also manages communications and outreach. As a former IDEAL Scholar, she witnessed and continues to witness the compelling impact of investing in youth and disenfranchised communities so that leadership can reflect the real diversity it seeks to serve. She has developed her talents working with the Rockwood Leadership Institute, Greater New Beginnings Youth Services, and through contracting with various organizations. Corrine holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. She hopes to learn, educate, and urge communities to be more proactive in functioning within their environment so we can create and maintain sustainable futures.
Kirsten Schwind, Co-founder and Senior Strategist | E-mail
Kirsten holds a B.A. in Economics and Public Policy from Swarthmore College and an M.S. in Natural Resources Management from the University of Michigan. She authored Bay Localize's Community Resilience Toolkit and co-authored Tapping the Potential of Urban Rooftops, which won an award from the American Planning Association's California Chapter. Kirsten is deeply involved in local energy policy and formerly served as the Chair of the City of Berkeley's Energy Commission. At Bay Localize Kirsten convenes the Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI), and takes the lead on Resilient Services workshops and consulting.. She also has worked extensively in food systems and international trade policy at other nonprofit groups, including as Program Director at Food First, and once served as shop steward for her union. Kirsten worked for several years in Latin America in human rights and the environment, and is fluent in Spanish.
Nahal Ghoghaie, Resilient Communities Initiative Project Associate | E-mail
Nahal holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MS in Environmental Studies from the The Evergreen State College. She has devoted 15 years to environmental advocacy and activism, starting out as a campus sustainability organizer at UT, to eventually working alongside tribal natural resource directors on climate adaptation projects in Washington State. She joined Bay Localize's Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI) as a Project Associate. Nahal brings her professional background in eco-stewardship and non-profit administration, as well as her commitment to supporting skilled, resilient, and informed communities to her role at Bay Localize. As an environmental researcher and educator, Nahal thrives in community outreach and engagement, encouraging groups of diverse perspectives to recognize their vital role in cultivating a resilient and just society. Her experience includes grant writing, community-based marketing and effective scientific communication, coalition building, refugee resettlement assistance, multi-stakeholder coordination, and emergency preparedness / climate resilience trainings. Her academic research focuses on issues surrounding tribal sovereignty and tribes' leadership roles in climate adaptation planning. She also serves as an environmental educator for Alameda County, helping individuals reduce their consumption and waste. Nahal is honored to work with the RCI on coalition trainings, research, fundraising, and other support tasks.
Sylvie Heiman, Outreach and Operations Coordinator | E-mail
At Bay Localize, Sylvie works to promote current initiatives and events through creative outreach, social media management and grassroots fundraising. She also manages office operations by providing administrative and programmatic support to the Local Clean Energy Alliance, Map Your Future Project, and the Resilient Communities initiative (RCI). Sylvie is committed to creating a world in which clean-energy and sustainable living is accessible to all communities by turning ideals into action. Sylvie graduated from San Francisco State University in 2011 with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in Communications. After graduating, Sylvie moved to Costa Rica where she worked to integrate eco-tourism, intercultural exchange, and organic farming initiatives within rural communities in the Los Santos region. She has taught English Language workshops and worked as a Spanish-English interpreter in a range of community settings.
Adam Bad Wound, Development Advisor | E-mail
Adam, a citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation, is the Grants Manager at NatureBridge, a nonprofit organization that inspires personal connections to the natural world and responsible actions to sustain it by connecting young people to the wonders of science and nature in the world’s best classrooms—our national parks. He founded the Lakotamedia Foundation to promote Siouan knowledge through digital, mobile, and social media technologies. Its primary project is Lakotapedia, a wiki-based community that promotes Lakota arts, culture, history, language, and traditions through volunteer knowledge sharing. Adam has a B.A. with double majors in Multicultural Studies and Religion from St. Olaf College; M.A. in Higher Education from Teachers College, Colombia University; and an M.A. in Education and Sociology from Stanford University. He’s also a Certified Naturalist from the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
Aaron Lehmer, Co-founder & Communications/Green Your City Advisor | E-mail
Aaron is an activist, writer, social entrepreneur, organizer, music addict, and lover of nature. He co-manages House Kombucha, a family-owned, local green business founded by Rana Lehmer-Chang. He also co-founded Bay Localize, and serves on its Steering Committee. He also serves on the Oakland Food Policy Council's Urban Agriculture Working Group and Earth Island Institute’s Program Committee. He has earned an M.A. in Globalization and the Environment from Humboldt State University and a triple B.A. in Anthropology, Philosophy, and Environmental Studies from Iowa State University. He has worked for Van Jones’ Ella Baker Center for Human Rights/Green-Collar Jobs Campaign, Julia Butterfly Hill’s Circle of Life Foundation, David Brower’s Earth Island Institute, Grassroots Globalization Network, ReThink Paper, and with the Student Environmental Action Coalition. Aaron's commentaries have been featured on AlterNet, NPR, and, in the Earth Island Journal, Sacramento News & Review, Oakland Tribune, Permaculture Activist, Energy Bulletin, and the S.F. Bay Guardian. He currently lives with his partner Rana and their son Justice in Oakland’s East Lake neighborhood. He is an an avid gardener, climate fiction author, hiker, singer, amateur astronomer, and aspiring guitarist. His advocacy blog, "World Shift Vision," can be found at
Ingrid Jacobson, Chair/Strategic Advisor | E-mail
Ingrid coordinates and executes education programming for entrepreneurs in the Bay Area as the Education Manager for ICA (Inner City Advisors). An educator for over 10 years, beginning as an elementary school teacher, curriculum developer for sustainable financial education for workforce development, and currently teaching young mothers to prepare for the GED. In addition to her work in education, she has worked as a project manager for an affordable housing organization where she managed all aspects of development of innovative non-profit tax credit model for solar financing. She has also facilitated many convenings of thought leaders in the arenas of economic development and sustainability. Her education includes a BA from UW-Madison, an MBA and a Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden.
Nile Malloy, Movement Building & Foundation Relations Advisor | E-mail
Nile is a movement builder and organizer committed to social, economic, and ecological justice. He is currently Program Director for Communities for a Better Environment. He recently served as the Freedom from Oil campaigner at Rainforest Action Network. Outside of campaigning against big corporations on environmental standards, criteria and policy, he is deeply invested in local solution-based projects in the Midwest and in the Bay Area to revitalize urban centers. He also has wide-ranging background as a teacher and has taught at the New College of California in the Activism and Social Change Program. He holds a B.A. in Urban Anthropology and African American Studies from the University of Michigan and an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Social Transformation with a focus on local and global environmental justice projects. An aspiring writer and poet, Nile resides in Oakland.

Rosa Esperanza González, Creative Capacity Building | E-mail
Rosa ​is dedicated to c​ultivating​ a thriving culture of participation in which communities work together to solve social, economic, and environmental challenges. She does so through creative facilitation and training that ​builds power from the base up. Through her project, Facilitating Power, Rosa provides essential tools, techniques, and strategy to educators, organizers, service-providers, managers, and community leaders looking to revolutionize engagement and deepen their own facilitative leadership. ​She also​​ serves as the ​Director of Capacity Building at the Action Council of Monterey County, ​where she supports community-based organizations and leaders building collective power for health equity​. Rosa has a Masters in Latin American Studies from Stanford University and a Masters in Teaching from the Arts in Education program at the University of San Francisco.



Program Partners

Al Weinrub, Local Clean Energy Alliance Coordinator | E-mail
Al Weinrub has served as volunteer coordinator of the Local Clean Energy Alliance since 2010, organizing regular Alliance meetings, planning our annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities conference, recruiting new members, and assisting with policy campaign efforts. He authored Community Power: Decentralized Renewable Energy in California, has conducted energy policy briefings for a number of organizations, and serves on the Sierra Club California Energy-Climate Committee. He lives in Oakland.

Fellows, Interns, Project Volunteers, and Research Associates


Board of Advisors

Allyse Heartwell, Co-founder and Local Food Systems Advisor
Allyse holds a B.A. in International Relations from Brown University, where her studies focused on international environmental issues. She currently serves as an Online Campaigner for, and previously worked as Coordinator of the Buy Fresh, Buy Local program at the Community Alliance with Family Farmers. She worked on media and community outreach for Bay Localize and served on the Steering Committee for over two years. A relatively recent Bay Area transplant, she now focuses her interest in sustainability on the local level and is involved in many activities relating to peak oil, urban agriculture, and localization. She lives in San Francisco, where she gardens, volunteers for Alemany Farm, and walks a lot.
Dave Room, Co-founder and Community-Centered Media Advisor
Dave Room co-founded Bay Localize, a public benefit organization that inspires and supports Bay Area residents in building resilient communities, and coordinated the Local Clean Energy Alliance. He was instrumental in the start up phase of Post Carbon Institute, playing a key role in donor cultivation, the End of Suburbia screening campaign, and engagement with local groups. He was also a frequent interviewer on Global Public Media. Dave's most important identifier is Melia's Papa. On stage, Melia's Papa uses storytelling and solo performance theater (The Monkey Trap) to awaken and activate mainstream audiences, people of color, and youth. Dave is leading efforts to use new media and social media for social change and political advocacy through his new social enterprise BALANCE Edutainment. Dave coined the term "Energy Preparedness" and was on the Oil Independent Oakland by 2020 task force. He has B.S in Electrical Engineering with a Power Systems focus and a M.S. in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University. Follow Dave on Twitter.
Ingrid Severson, Co-founder and Rooftop Resource Systems Advisor
Ingrid is the former organizer and project leader of Bay Localize's Rooftop Resources Project and served on the Steering Committee for three years. She gained experience in the environmental field through undergraduate studies at San Francisco State and New College of California. She pursued a hands-on approach to Deep Ecology with extensive travels and environmental programs in Latin America. Ingrid is a certified Permaculture Designer and is competent in Spanish. She has worked with Sonoma County Conservation Action, the Sierra Club Bay Chapter, and independently in various video productions promoting environmental awareness. She has also held a professional therapeutic massage practice for eight years. Ingrid lives in Oakland and enjoys exploring the natural treasures within the Bay Area.
Katherine "Kat" Steele
Kat is a permaculture activist, designer, educator, and founder of the Urban Permaculture Guild in Oakland. She facilitates workshops on natural building and permaculture as well as publicly speaks about eco-social design, city repair, and the power of placemaking. Trained in Ecovillage Design with the Findhorn Foundation of Scotland, Natural Building with Kleiwerks International, and Permaculture Design with the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, she also holds an MA in Creative Arts from San Francisco State University. She presently serves on the board of another Bay Area nonprofit organization devoted to peace, justice, and sustainablity, the NorCal Chapter of Architects, Designers, Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) in Berkeley. She recently became one of a 1,000 Climate Project trainees, empowered to present a version of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth slide presentation. Kat lives in Oakland and is devoted to localization, believing it to be a key strategy towards sustainability and thriveability.
Kay Cuajunco, Food Justice & Urban Ag Advisor
Kay is an ecofeminist, scholar, and activist. She assisted with Bay Localize's "Grow Local" campaign to promote urban agriculture, its Scraps to Soil composting initiative at Laney College, and with general community outreach. Kay is committed to creating environmental and social equity systems that are inclusive of underserved communities. She believes their participation helps sustain a vibrant and collaborative learning community. She helps foster community resilience through the use of multimedia and transformative narratives, forging solidarity around our connections to the Earth and our rights and responsibilities that flow from them. Kay is currently pursuing her Masters in Political Theory at San Francisco State University where her research focuses on the intersections of race, class, and gender, and the negative impacts of neo-colonialism on the environment. She is passionate about our ability to create change globally by building movements locally. Kay enjoys yoga, capoeira, riding her bike, and creative vegan dishes.
Kevin Bayuk
Kevin started as an artist and filmmaker, explored an eight year meander as a technology entrepreneur (in an attempt to fund films) and has now graduated into a life as an activated advocate for ecotopian living. Currently he leverages his skills and relationships to develop organizations and projects that regenerate healthy ecosystems and socially just environments. In addition to advising Bay Localize, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Urban Alliance for Sustainability and Daily Acts. Kevin also facilitates permaculture trainings and shares his skills in organic gardening and composting in playshops and community workshops.
Leah Fessenden, Urban Ag and Green Infrastructure Advisor
Leah served as a Green Your City intern and fellow for nearly two years, coordinating volunteer work days with Bay Localize's affiliated garden and community projects, assisting with green roof policy development, and equipping local enthusiasts with tools and resources to get started on their own projects. She also played an instrumental role in launching our Grow Local urban agriculture campaign. As a student in Environmental Management at Merritt College, she is well-versed in green building, and has gained a great deal of hands on experience with living roof systems, particularly through a greenhouse project at the department's headquarters, the Self-Reliant House. Leah lives in Oakland and is an avid fan of quality afternoon coffee.
Linda Currie, Climate Action Advisor
Linda led Bay Localize's Green Faith in Action project, outreaching to faith-based communities to help congregants make their homes more energy efficient. She has been coaching groups of people around the East Bay to lower their carbon footprints through a program called "The Low Carbon Diet." She has worked with the Berkeley Public Schools, City of Berkeley, the YMCA, Berkeley's Energy Commission, First Presbyterian Church, the Ecology Center and the City of Albany. She also serves as a board member for Green Sangha, a chapter-based nonprofit dedicated to inspiring awakened action on various environmental fronts. Linda lives in Berkeley with her family and can be found biking around town, hanging clothes on the line, muttering to squirrels and occasionally painting.
Dan Antonioli
Dan is a green construction specialist with over twenty years of experience in general construction and ten years in ecological design, alternative construction, and green building. He has a background in green building, natural building, permaculture, and ecovillage design and development. He's a licensed general contractor, a registered green builder with Build It Green, and has memberships with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the American Solar Energy Association, the Northern California Solar Energy Association, and the Eastern Oregon Renewable Energy Association. He's currently creating an inner city ecovillage in Oakland and a five parcel intentional community in Laytonville, California.

Consultative Advisors